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Clean Restaurants Are More Profitable!

It's true...customers and employees judge your ability to manage your restaurant based on the condition of your dining room and kitchen.

Don't let greasy equipment, hoods, exhaust systems, dirty floors, rust, mildew or peeling paint reduce your profits…

  • Commercial kitchen equipment performance
  • Taste and smell of food
  • Restaurant safety
  • Kitchen staff efficiency and performance
  • Improved appearance
  • Fire and Safety Compliance
  • Insurance Compliance

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Restaurant Hood Cleaning Checklist

Regardless of what you call it -, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Restaurant Hood Cleaning...

...if you own or manage a restaurant(s) or a commercial kitchen cooking operation, the odds are very high (~ 75% or greater) that your restaurant hood cleaning services company:

  • Isn't giving you what you're paying for AND
  • Isn't leaving your commercial cooking facility properly cleaned, nor completely clear of fire safety issues, including kitchen grease fires.

Ensuring that doesn't happen to you starts with a comprehensive restaurant hood cleaning checklist that you can refer to before and after restaurant hood cleaning work is finished.

While every business needs to keep operating and maintenance costs under control, when it comes to your restaurant hood cleaning, the phrase "you get what you pay for" is no truer than it is than in the kitchen exhaust system cleaning industry.

In addition, as a commercial kitchen operator or owner it is critical that you verify your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service contractor's credentials, which should be part of your restaurant hood cleaning checklist.

That checklist should include a contractor's industry training and certifications... plus inspecting the kitchen cleaning crews work post-job, each and every time. It is the only way to truly ensure you are getting the level of service you have been sold on and promised.

Needa a Saratoga Springs Or Albany NY professional commercial kitchen cleaning estimate? As a professionally certified and industry trained commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning and restaurant hood cleaning services contractor serving Upstate New York and New England, AMERICLEAN takes our job, our role and the safety of your business very seriously.

So, we have put together a short but comprehensive commercial kitchen hood cleaning checklist below for you to follow.
It doesn't matter whether you haven't assessed your current kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor and their work in some time, maybe never. Or, if you are looking for new hood cleaners.

If you aren't asking the questions on the kitchen hood cleaning checklist listed below - and gotten positive answers on all of them, you're most likely being taken advantage of - and your business, employees and customers are being put at grave and completely unnecessary risk.


  • Is your kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor and all their crew members industry certified (,,
  • Is your kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor and all their crew members trained and educated on the industry's leading commercial restaurant hood cleaning standard - the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection for Commercial Cooking Operations?
  • Does your contractor and their cleaning crew(s) actually follow the NPFA 96 standard each and every time they do your kitchen exhaust cleaning?
  • Do your vendor's kitchen hood cleaning services crew members have extensive knowledge of and training on the installation of rooftop grease protectors, NFPA approved exhaust system access doors and access door hinge kits?
  • Has every member of your cleaning crew received and passed industry IKECA standard certification education and testing In what OSHA workplace safety programs is your restaurant or kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor enrolled or certified in?
  • Does your cleaning contractor (with one of your company representatives) inspect the kitchen exhaust system pre-job, and provide a pre-service report that identifies problems such as bad wiring, poor system/duct access, rooftop grease, fan noise/vibration, etc.? Your restaurant hood cleaning checklist will keep them honest.
  • Does your restaurant hood cleaning services contractor give you a written proposal detailing a procedures list including completely identifying the scope of work?
  • Do they guarantee the work to be done on time as agreed?
  • Does your grease hood & kitchen exhaust cleaning crew arrive wearing clearly identifiable uniforms?
  • Does your kitchen hood cleaning contractor furnish:
    • Current insurance documentation
    • Insurance certificates naming your business as an "additional insured" for liability and Workman's Compensation?
  • Is your entire kitchen exhaust system – (rooftop fan unit down through all ductwork and filters to the cooktop hood) -  cleaned to recommended NFPA 96 Standard  of "bare metal" – the first time and every time?
  • Does your contractor use a high pressure washing unit with a minimum hot water output in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit at 3500psi? (hint: cold water doesn't work).
  • Do your grease and restaurant hood cleaning crews always bag and drape the entire hood area... capture all water and grease effluent into a proper containe... and properly dispose of it?
  • Upon kitchen exhaust cleaning completion does your contractor leave all areas - the roof, backdoor area, parking lot, range/cooktop and immediate kitchen areas – clean and free from greasy water and cleaning solution residue?
  • Are the hood filters pulled and left to soak in your deep sinks, allowing you to see up into the hood/duct system areas to view the results of the crews cleaning?
  • Are exhaust fans turned on to make sure they are working before crews leave?
  • Do you get a service report that alerts you to recommended changes you should make to keep your commercial cooking system running as safe as possible?
  • Does your cleaning contractor provide date and time stamped pre job photo-documentation of your restaurant exhaust system and post-job results of their efforts- every time?
  • Does your cleaning crew leave a certified inspection sticker on the exhaust hood displaying the date of cleaning?

If your cleaning contractor doesn't do all of these things at each and every hood cleaning, you're not getting your money's (or safety's) worth... leaving your business at risk of grease fire, equipment and/or property damage... or worse.

If that is the case, you should seriously look into replacing your current cleaner with a professional  kitchen hood cleaning / kitchen exhaust cleaning company that will do the job and you right. Having a complete restaurant hood cleaning checklist at hand will help.

AMERICLEAN provides complete, comprehensive restaurant hood cleaning / commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services for a wide range of leading universities, health care facilities, restaurants and corporate clients in Upstate & Central New York and New England

Contact or call is today at 518-793-9274 for a consultation and complimentary inspection of your commercial cooking operation or facility, and/or to schedule a kitchen or restaurant hood cleaning.