Americlean Exceptional Painting and Cleaning Contractor

New York’s Only OSHA SHARP Painting and Cleaning Contractor

Commercial Painters and Cleaners to Albany, Saratoga, Upstate NY
and New England Since 1986


Americlean New York State’s Only OSHA SHARP Certified Industrial Commercial Painting & Cleaning Contractor!

"Exactly as promised, the first time, on time, every time. Period."

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Meet the President

Mark MillerFamily man, kitchen chef, avid motorcyclist, husband, mentor, community servant, patriot, employer, truck-driver, business owner and self-described "rebel".

Meet Mark Miller, President of AMERICLEAN.


Growing up in Randolph, Vermont, Mark discovered early on that he was a bit of a rebel. (He jokes about being in the 10% of the class which made the top 90% possible). Not jazzed about school & "bookwork", he heard the call of the road.

So Mark got his Commercial license and started hauling all sorts of things – steel, foodstuffs, lumber, chemicals, general merchandise, refrigerated perishables including meat and more – as a long-distance trucker.

Over eight years, Mark trucked across 48 states (visiting a total of 50). The needs of a growing family caused him to change careers and embark on the life of an entrepreneur.

Although officially "retired" from long-haul trucking years ago, Mark's passion for "riding the roads" hasn't diminished. Today, his road love is motorcycling with a few close buddies, on the highways and byways of Upstate New York and throughout New England... and hopefully getting to one of the 14 remaining states in which he hasn't yet ridden.


Balancing the life of a trucker on the road with a growing family at home, caused Mark to shift gears career-wise and put down some more permanent roots.

He invested in a locally based home pressure washing franchise in his hometown of Glens Falls, NY, embarking on his new life as a business owner and entrepreneur.

From that humble beginning, Mark has grown AMERICLEAN into a successful business with 20+ employees and 5 service divisions, specializing in industrial and commercial painting and cleaning services.

Today, Marks customer list reads like a Who's Who of the Upstate New York Capital District – RBS Citizens Bank, St. Gobain, Price Chopper, Regeneron, Union College, Barton Mines LLC, Hannaford Stores, University at Albany, SCA Tissue and many other leading Albany-area business.

Looking back at those earlier years, wishing he had paid a little more attention in school and sensing he was missing something, Mark came across some personal mentors that gave him a vision of unlimited possibilities and the opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Energized by this new world of "unlimited possibilities" Mark raised the bar with his company, embracing the unique opportunity it presented to set his business apart and set a new standard for growth.

Speaking of painting and cleaning stuff, Mark will tell you that it is "pretty ordinary". But there is nothing ordinary about Marks business.

AMERICLEAN's entire company philosophy of doing business is captured in one simple yet powerful word... "Extraordinary". To reflect that, Mark created a company tag lines that says it all: "An ordinary business doing business in an Extraordinary way". He has also built "Extraordinary" into every aspect of his company:

  • Extraordinary "world class" work and project performance
  • Extraordinary customer-centric focus, giving the customer a superior experience - "exactly as promised, the first time, on time, every time. Period".
  • Extraordinary customer service, going above and beyond what is considered 'normal'.
  • Extraordinary focus on work safety standards (AMERICLEAN became the first SHARP certified contractor in New York State).
  • Extraordinary focus on employee safety.
  • Hiring extraordinary employees doing extraordinary things.
  • Extraordinary profit sharing benefit for all employees.
  • Extraordinary Employee focus – sponsoring all employees for continuing education, work certifications and training (for example : Anthony Robbins, Dan Sullivan, Dale Carnegie courses).

One thing Mark is particularly proud of is never missing a payday in the company's entire history. And it's that daily ongoing commitment to being and delivering 'extraordinary' that propelled AMERICLEAN to its busiest and best year ever last year.


Never one to tie himself to the office with an unbalanced work life, Mark is definitely a family-man, and loves spending as much time as he can with his family and close friends on their 88 acre Gentleman's Farm home in Kingsbury, NY – including 2 dogs and a bunch of the neighbors cows.

Holidays – or any good reason to get family and friends together for a party - are especially fun times in the Miller home. Rest assured that there will be plenty of food, drink and laughter anytime his family (wife Michelle, son Bill and daughter Cayla) and friends come together... making for a very large, noisy, happy and appreciative crowd.

In addition to all the other roles he plays, Mark loves being a grandfather, spending time with his grandson Pierson. "Chasing him around helps me in shape!", says Mark.


With all the responsibility that falls on a company Presidents shoulders, Mark manages to find time outside the office for several other important interests.

Something profound happened in Mark's life several years ago. He found a new passion.

A mission of service and a never-ending desire to help everyone see the best in themselves, and to help them to create a life of unlimited possibilities through developing positive belief systems.

Part of that mission has included mentoring his daughter, Cayla on the "in's & out's" of the AMERICLEAN business, and having mentored son Bill on starting his own successful residential cleaning and painting business.

Outside of the office, Mark also volunteers time each week with youngsters involved in Junior Achievement, working to inspire these 'future' leaders to be the best they can be.

For Mark, the real value of being a company President and a leader lies in his mission of helping others channel his passion and goal to "inspire others to become the best they can be, both personally and professionally".

By doing so, Mark Miller... President, biker, family man, mentor, husband, trucker, father and more... is helping to create a lasting legacy in the lives of as many people as possible.

That is a vision, mission and passion all entrepreneurs and business owners could benefit by adopting.

If you'd like, you can learn more about his story, philosophy and Mark's approach to Live Life Wide Open. You can also find out more about Mark Miller on LinkedIn and visit AMERICLEAN's Company Facebook page.