How to play the washers game

The washers game, sometimes called Texas horseshoes, is a game very similar to horseshoes in that you have to throw an object, in this case a ring, a distance of 25 feet to try and hit a target. You get the most points by having the washer rest in the center of the target and you get fewer points if you are within a certain distance. Sometimes the center of the target is a cup while other other times it is just a ring drawn onto the ground.

While the washers game has many variations, the most common set of rules has each team of players standing in a pit 25 feet apart with a recessed cup in it. Each team then throws the washers to try and get it in the other team's cup. Usually each washer that a player gets in a cup yields five points, and the players try to reach a score of a predetermined number such as 15, 20, or 25.

You can also have a single pit that both teams are throwing into in the washers game. When playing in this format there is a different set of scoring rules to determine who is the winner. In this method only one player can score in a round. If no washers land in a cup, then the closest washer to the cup is awarded three points. Cuppers are worth five points. If the first player scores a 'cupper', player two has a chance to throw their washers. If player two scores a cupper then both cuppers are negated and the closest washer is awarded three points. In a game of more than two players, if player one scores a cupper, any player after them has a chance to negate it. If player two scores a cupper, the first two cuppers cancel each other, leaving the cup open for the third player to score.

Now you can have fun playing the washers game too!

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