Industrial Snow Blower

Many industries require the use of an industrial snow blower. For colder climates, a heavy snowfall can halt or slow down business. This not only equates to loss of productivity but it also means a loss of company profits. For these companies, the use of an industrial snow blower is essential.

For example, an airport runway cannot operate if buried under ten feet of snow. A preferred industrial snow blower utilized by many airports is one that is self-propelled. This kind of industrial snow blower can handle 5,000, 6,000, even 7,000 tons of snow per hour. After blowing the snow, it propels it off into the distance. Other areas that rely heavily on the removal of snow after a heavy snowfall are railways, taxi routes, highways, streets, pavement, parking lots, and government facilities.

Another type of industrial snow blower is the truck mounted snow blower. These snow blowers are perfect for the smaller business that needs to plow parking lots, driveways, and entrance and exit ways to their point of business. These truck mounted snow plows attach to the front of a truck. You can choose a v-shape, straight, or scoop shaped plow. Along with the snowplow attachments, you can also choose accessories, lifts, mountings, and spreaders.
It is very important that you attach snowplows to your vehicle according to manufacturer instructions. You will want to make sure that you observe all safety precautions when operating a snowplow that has been attached to your truck.

Whenever snow blowing, take extra care to make sure that you are dressed properly and adequately. Dress warmly and wear layers. Cover extremities and vulnerable areas such as ears, face, and head. Wear a warm cap and earmuffs. When choosing snow plows make sure that you not only follow the manufacturer's instructions but also register for your machines product warranty.

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