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Learn how you can cut down the number of hazardous chemicals in your home by making your own household cleaners from ordinary products found around your home.

Cymbal Cleaning - Does cleaning hurt the cymbal? Learn different methods of cleaning your symbals.

Air Filters and Cleaners - Making your air more breathable by using an air filter .

Learn of different painters and poets that lived throughout the past century.

Check out the National Acrylic and Oil Painters' Society site which showcases extraordinary artists and their work.

Painter References - An encyclopedia of different painters by period and nationality.

Get all the information on art you need from many different artists, genres, and time periods.

Painters and paperhangers - Painters apply paint, stain, varnish, and other finishes to buildings and other structures.

Automotive Painters - Painters repaint autmobiles, trucks, and buses that have been reparied, and older vehicles that have lost their luster.

Tips for Painters - tips for painting your house.Receive inspiration trends and instructional ideas.

Dry cleaner extensively used for cleaning chemical agents that may cause various health problems.

Check out the artworks and learn the history behind many infulential artists throughout history.

Read about many painter techniques, tutorials and tips to help you improve as an artist.

Learn all about how one of the greatest household and industrial cleaner works - the vacuum cleaner.

Air Cleaners - Electrostatic air cleaners can be mounted into the ductwork near the furnace or air conditioner.

British Society Master Glass Painters - Stain glass is the art of manipulating coloured light within an architectural context.

The Society of Tempera Painters - The Society of Tempera Painters is to improve the art of Tempera painting by the interchange of the knowledge and experience.

Learn about the Plein-Air Painters of America, the style of art the plein-air painters create, and where it all began.

This list of painters covers hundreds of artists dating back a few centuries, gives you a history of them, including which style they painted, and also supplies you with some samples of their work.

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