Floor Tile Isnít Just For The Bathroom And Kitchen

Although once viewed as a flooring option for primarily bathrooms and kitchens, floor tile is becoming increasingly popular for living spaces such as bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. A lasting investment, floor tile is easy to maintain and can provide more style change options than wall to wall carpeting or hardwood floors. New technologies allow for customized fittings as well as different textures to suit any homeowner’s needs, tastes or budget.

Linoleum, vinyl composite and stone slab are just three examples of floor tile options available. There are many variables between the different materials which include price, maintenance required, longevity and installation techniques. Linoleum, for example, comes in sheets which are fitted wall to wall and is comprised of a soft textured material which may scratch, crack or gouge over time. Stone slab and ceramic floor tile are more durable and are sold by square inch, with each tile being individually placed. This option allows for section repairs without having to replace the entire floor, as with linoleum.

Retailers who specialize in floor tile may have even more options available for customizing floor tile to compliment your home. Additionally, floor tile retailers often offer installation services or are able to recommend a trustworthy contractor for the job. However, for those on a budget, many home improvement warehouse stores offer an array of floor tile options and can offer guidance on installation as well as do-it-yourself seminars.

Depending on the style of floor tile chosen; maintenance, cleaning and upkeep will vary. Every tile floor requires regular sweeping and mopping but should also be deep cleaned annually using an appropriate cleaner. Regular deep cleanings will preserve the overall look and condition of floor tile over years. Many residential and commercial cleaning services offer floor cleaning and polishing services and will be able to determine the best possible care for your particular floor tile needs.

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