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Professional Environmentally Friendly Sandblasting Cleaning

Industrial Sandblasting, Painting, Water Blasting & More from Americlean

Industrial sandblasting and painting from Americlean! Rely on an experienced sandblasting company can help protect your commercial and industrial property and extend the life of your equipment by eliminating corrosion, rust, mold and mildew.

Commercial and industrial sandblasting and painting for building exteriors, interiors, equipment or machined surfaces often includes professional cleaning, de-painting or de-burring. Sandblasting, water blasting, or sandblasting with baking soda can be important components of industrial cleaning services, as well as a very effective method for removing graffiti or “tagging” on the exterior of buildings. Hydro blasting services from a trusted sandblasting company can slow down aging and depreciation of your commercial and industrial assets, and improve the appearance of your property and equipment.

Our Master Blaster industrial sandblasting and painting professionals provide the highest level of service, on your schedule. Americlean of Upstate NY is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the disturbances to your normal business operations will be minimal.

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Our painting and sandblasting company provides services for district, chain and corporate accounts throughout New England, including Upstate New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Please identify locations when you contact us for more information.

Our Upstate NY industrial sandblasting, hydro blasting and commercial painting company offers a wide variety of sand blasting services, including:

Sandblasting is the traditional method for smoothing, shaping or cleaning of a variety of surface (outlined below) producing results similar to using sandpaper, but creating a more even finish without problems at corners.

Soda blasting - Sandblasting with Baking Soda is similar to sand blasting, but uses sodium bicarbonate against the surface. Combined with compressed air, sand blasting with baking soda does not cause harm to the substrate or the environment and was first used to clean the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor. More...

Aluminum oxide blasting is a low cost, recyclable way to sand blast. This method does not contain free silica, making it safer to use than sand. It’s more consistent grit size cuts faster than sand and leaves a smoother surface. Aluminum Oxide is hard and sharp, allowing this blasting process to cut through even the hardest metals.

Sponge-Jet Cleaning is a dry, low dust version of sand blasting that uses minimal contaminants to clean a wide range of surface profiles. Sponge-Jet cleaning’s controllability allows varying sand blast pressures and medias to protect the surface. More...

Dry Ice blasting is a relatively new sandblasting surface cleaning method where CO2 pellets, also known as dry ice, are accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at the surface. More...

Hydro (Water) Blasting uses a highly pressurized stream of water to clean without damaging the original surface. Water blasting is environmentally friendly and produces little to no waste, ideal for those hard to reach places. Hydroblasting is often used to remove old chemicals, paints or other build up. Americlean also offers Power Pressure Washing.

Industrial sandblasting and painting, waterblasting and sandblasting with baking soda can be used on most materials, including, but not limited to:

Steel and Stainless Steel
Brick, Stone and Wood

Metals, Brass, Aluminum, Pewter and Silver

Wood and brick surfaces can be sandblasted to remove many years of soil, paint, oil and dirt to produce clean surfaces and preparation for industrial painting or commercial painting.

Americlean is New York State’s Only OSHA SHARP Certified Contractor!


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